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Golden Gun

card_weekes_small.gifWhere do I begin with this game? This is the first console game I expirienced on my first console, the N64. And it can only could describe as a natural wonder!

I popped in the cart, turned the system on and wala, that famous screen with the 007 logo and all that official copyright info, quicky followed by that chilling heartbeat. Cut to an agent on screen only to discover he has teriminated you. Classic Bond stuff, straight out of the movies. From the menu system text to the mision briefing tips this is the bond universe universe through and through.

goldengun.gifThis experience continues as you play the first level. Live action James Bond. If Nintendo was ever worried if it had delieverd on its promise of N64 graphics detail then this game certainly solidifed the meaning of 3d graphics power!

Not only did it look amazing, the well placed levels and gameplay drew you into it more. Often you would find yourself just looking around at the details in the environment, all the textures and colors in the fire-arms themselves, the rendered clouds in the sky. Each level demanded different tactics. Sometimes stealth someimte quick thinking. It was all so amazing.

But, like many others, it was the multiplayer levels I enjoyed the most. Playing split screen with my sister, nepwhew and friends. TIme had obviously been spent planning the mutliplayer level layout and weapon balancing.

This all adds up to what has become the grandaddy of all modern day console first person shooters. It did things that no other games were doing in those years. It was a game way ahead of its time!