Part of our focus on people, is to provide writers drawn from a variety of everyday backgrounds. Rather than listening to a cacophony of voices, we hope that you can find one who is at a similar stage of life to yourself. Our hope is that this will remind you of some of your most treasured game memories, and maybe even crack open a few of those games once again, or even discover some new ones.

Part of becoming one of their personality-journos invovles a profiling process that results in a personalised reviewer card, much like a range of cards found in the Top Trumps game. Each card enables readers to identify and get to know the person behind the reviews.

When’s the last time you were put off a much anticipated game by a poor review score, only to find later that the game was just up your street. Our new games site provides an alterative way to evaluate games based on player experience rather than atomistic scoring. Our player-centric focus means that we want keep you, the gamer, central in our reviews and articles. We achieve this in two ways.

  • Experience Focus: Firstly, rather than trying to rate games we concentrate on the game-experience itself, as encountered by the player. This offers an alternative to the plethora of score focused reveiws by providing rich emotive narrations of these game encounters.
  • Kindred Spirits: Secondly, we understand that people’s experience of games differ. When we play a game our previous game and wider lives experience profoundly affects our enjoyment. There is no right or wrong, just different experiences. Therefore, we provide a range of reviewers from which you can choose. Each reviewer has a profile ‘card’ which details key features of their game history and current life.

This enables you to get away from the cacochany of performance focused journalism, and ponder some of the game-experiences in these pages.

Want to grab your spot in the deck? Just get in touch, all we ask is that you need to be able to write coherent emotive descriptions of experiences you have had with computer games, whilst drawing on the latest developments in the industry.

Simple email these details to apply.

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