card_weekes.gifGavin has been a gamer since his younger years. He cut his teeth on the old Game and Watch LCD games and although he didn’t own one himself, this was complemented by the original Nintendo Gameboy and Sega Gamegear. His first console was the N64!

I will never forget it. The year was 1999. I brought back my N64 Goldeneye bundle from HMV. When I came home and started it up, it was like a natural wonder!

He would have to wait another 3 years before he completed the N64 double with Super Mario 64.

The majority of his games purchases have been more recent.True to his Nintendo roots he moved onto the ergonomic controller of the Gamecube and then the GBA SP and Nintendo DS.

Having more free time after finishing college, he now enjoys all 4 systems and is working his way through his unfinished games business so to speak.


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